3 Phase Wye 120/208 Volt Configuration

3 Phase Wye 120/208 Volt Configuration

Dec 31st 2018

Three Phase 120/208 Volt Configuration

(4 wires + ground)


Three phase 120/208 Wye is the most common electrical configuration used for industrial and commercial applications in the United States. Three phase electrical configurations are more economical than a single phase configuration, and provide “smoother” power to motors and generators than two phase configurations.bigstock-new-commercial-building-232160245.jpg

120/208 Wye three phase power has the added benefit of producing 120 volt power from each of the 3 “hot” legs. In addition to commercial and industrial use of 120/208 Wye power, many condos utilize 120/208 Wye three phase power at the service entrance. Often each individual condo will be powered from a split phase sub panel. When protecting condos, consider using at 120/208 Wye three phase with optional Surge Eraser® Technology at the service entrance and a 120/240 split phase surge protector with Surge Eraser® Technology at each branch panel.

When protecting commercial and industrial buildings we recommend the optional Surge Eraser® Technology for Type 2 installations. Surge Eraser® Technology provides additional downline protection to sensitive electronics and electrical equipment by filtering out ultra-fast ring wave transients. There is an exception to this; we don’t recommend Surge Eraser® Technology on the output side of a variable frequency drive; it will attempt to filter out the voltage produced by the VFD. If you have any questions about which surge protector to use for your application, please contact out customer service team at 833-667-8743 or email customerservice@surgestore.com.