Is Your RV Protected?

Is Your RV Protected?

Aug 4th 2020

Did you forget to pay your insurance premium on your RV? Are you sure? Fortunately, most insurance companies will send reminders, followed by a somber letter if you RV insurance is about to expire. The insurance company has a vested interest in making sure you remain a happy, and protected customer. They want you to remain protected almost as much as you want the protection. After all, it’s your most expensive investment excluding your home.

While you may have paid your RV insurance premiums, what are you doing to protect your RV from damaging electric surges? Your RV insurance carrier may not cover electrical surge damage if there are not visible burn marks present – something that rarely happens with surge damage. Most surge damage, over eighty percent, is cumulative. Small transient surges bombard your RV’s electrical system on a daily basis. Over time, the most delicate components of your RV’s electrical system begin to fail. This usually involves microprocessors and microchips which develop tiny blisters. This can manifest itself as sudden failure of electronic systems that appeared to be working fine just a few days previous.

First Defense Hardwired RV Surge ProtectorProper RV surge protection can substantially prolong the life of your electrical systems. Think of all the electronics in your RV. Even the most basic coach has thousands of dollars of electronics on board. There are the obvious items like laptop computers, TVs and stereos to the less obvious items like microprocessors controlling your generator. Your coach may have a backup camera, automatic jack levelers, refrigerator, microwave, a coach battery monitoring system, inverter, LED lighting, automatic vent fans, AC system, thermostats, solar panel controllers, hot water heaters, vehicle alarm systems, and satellite TV antennas, and that’s just a partial list. Just about everything we use on a daily basis is filled with microprocessors and microchips.

Consider the cost of replacing just one of the above items due to transient surge failure. A quality surge protector equipped with Surge Eraser Technology™ is designed to provide your valuable electronics with maximum power protection.

You will need to order your surge protective device to match your coach’s electrical system. In the US, most RV’s have either 30 amp, 120 volt or 50 amp 120/240 volt electrical systems. If you have questions about the First Defense line of surge protective devices, please give us a call. We're always happy to assist you.