Split Phase 120/240 Volt Configuration

Split Phase 120/240 Volt Configuration

Dec 31st 2018

Split Phase 120/240 Volt Configuration
(3 wires + ground)

Split phase 120/240 volt electrical panels are by far the most common found in North American residences. This configuration is also frequently used in small commercial and retail facilities, whereas industrial facilities typically utilize Three Phase power.

Unlike Single Phase 120 Volt electrical panels, a split phase 120/240 volt panel allows for the combination of two “hot” 120 volt legs to create the 240 volts necessary to operate larger appliances like electric clothes dryers, bigstock-electrical-panel-964919-1-.jpgelectric hot water heaters, electric stoves, and central air conditioning units.

We recommend using the Spike Stopper® Home unit to protect typical split phase residential panels. The Spike Stopper® Home includes Surge Eraser® Technology as a standard feature to provide an extra level of protection for PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) found in home computers, AC control boards, home theater equipment, TVs and most other modern appliances.

For office and commercial facilities using 120/240 split phase power, we recommend the Spike Stopper® or Spike Stopper® Plus surge protectors.

While all our units are designed to provide protection from surge and lightning events, the Spike Stopper® and the Spike Stopper® Plus are more robust units designed to withstand a greater number of surge events before requiring replacement.

We recommend the Spike Stopper® Plus for high lightning areas where computer and data protection are critical like office buildings and retail operations. Order with the optional Surge Eraser® Technology unless the surge protector will be placed close to a variable drive. If you have any questions about which surge protector is right for your application, please contact us. One of our Application Engineers will be happy to speak with you about your project at no charge to you.