Marine Surge Protectors offers selection of marine surge protectors for the protection of AC systems.  We offer both shore power protection plug in devices and hardwired surge protectors.  

Our surge protectors offer standard protection from electrical surges, often called standard clamping, as well as an additional level of advanced filtering we call Surge Eraser™Technology.  Surge Eraser™ Technology reduces the cumulative damage that electrical surges inflict on sensitive electrical equipment.  The tiny electrical traces on printed circuit boards are very susceptible to cumulative damage cause by electrical surges.  Over time, the damage increases and eventually malfunctions or total failure will occur.  

  • First Defense 250 Series 30 Amp Marine Surge Protector

    250 Series 30 Amp Marine Surge Protector

    The First Defense 250 Series of Marine Surge Protector offers the best portable surge protection available for your boats 30 Amp, 120 V electrical system.  The 250 Series Marine Surge Protector features All Mode Protection, protecting Line to...

    $943.65 $250.00
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  • First Defense 200 Series Marine Surge Protector

    200 Series Hardwired Marine Surge Protector

    The 200 Series Hardwired Marine Surge Protector when ordered with optional Surge Eraser Technology™ provides the absolute best ring wave transient protection available in a surge suppressor designed for AC marine panels. It is extremely effective...

    $809.93 $238.21
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