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  • Spike Stopper™ MP45PRO DIN Computer Modem Protector

    Spike Stopper® MP45PRO PoE Protector

    The GB-PoE-DIN Protector features RJ45 Connectors, NEMA 1 Indoor DIN rail mountable enclosure, and can be used in IEC 61643-21 environments.  With a high 10 kA per line surge current rating, and GB speed this unit is a great choice for protecting...

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  • Spike Stopper™ SCP4X  Outdoor Security Camera Surge Protector

    Spike Stopper® PoE Protector

    The SCP4X Gigabit Protector is a great choice for protecting Data Communications, Highly Exposed Ethernet, Surveillance Cameras, Remote & Power Communications, and Telecommunication in outdoor environments.  This unit features a NEMA 4X...

    $143.00 $119.00
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  • Spike Stopper® Whole House Protector 120/240 V Split Phase

    Spike Stopper® Whole House Protector

    The Spike Stopper® Home whole house surge protector provides peace of mind, knowing that your home's electrical appliances and electronics are protected from electrical surges entering through your electrical panel.  Electrical surges can...

    $149.00 $89.00
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